Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week 22 - December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, everyone!! 

Elder Copeland was able to call home and talk to his family for Christmas!  They were all thrilled to talk to him!

I hope you all had the best Christmas ever and that you were all able to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Tuesday.  Today I went on a Division with Elder Christensen, which was so fun.  On the way there, this drunk dude started talking to us about how he needs Christ in his life.   After a little, he just started crying so hard.  It was so weird because he kept talking about how Arnold Schwarzenegger is his friend ahahhah.  We went to go teach a guy and we were trying to explain what the word "restoration" meant to this one guy, and he just couldn't understand. We did examples and everything.  After making it as simple as possible, we asked him what it meant and he said basically, a ¨restaurant.¨  Don't know how he got the answer, but he did haha.  Also, I met a missionary that served in Spain and his Mission Presidents were the Deeres from Alpine, so that was so cool

Wendseday.  Today we went up to Otavalo and did another Division with the Zone Leaders.  We had such a cool experience though.  Elder Chistama and I saw this old guy in a wheel chair try and get it to the taxi with the help of his son and his old wife.  So we ran and helped them, and after we walked away, the son came chasing after us and told us that he had to hear our message.  So we did and he loved it.  He told us the story of his life and it's the saddest thing ever.  He got beat as a kid and had no friends.  So he just started painting and his paintings were unreal!  He was one of the coolest guys I've ever met.

Thursday. Not too much crazy happened today.  We taught some of our investigators, and that's basically it.

Friday.  We taught a new guy, and he was so cool.  He told us how much he loved the purpose of our message, and he told us that when we told him that Joseph Smith was a prophet, he just knew right away, which was a cool first.  He was such an awesome guy.

Saturday.  Honestly again, not much happened today.  We contacted in the rain forever and not too much happened.  But still a good day to be a missionary ahah!

Sunday.  After church, we went to go find a cool couple that we found on the bus.  They were so cool to find and they were great people.  Basically, all that happened today.

NAVIDAD we watched Moana and ate Chicken Nuggets for Dinner.  Yeah!  Best Christmas ever!!

With much love, Elder Copeland

 The Volcano of Cayambe

 The Elder that served with the Deeres
My Christmas Eve Lunch.  Waiting for our presents.

NAVIDAD we watched Moana and ate Chicken Nuggets for Dinner.  Yeah!  Best Christmas ever!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Week 21 - December 18, 2017

Re:  Star Wars

No, I didn't see Star Wars, and yes, I know that it came out.

Tuesday.  Today we went into Quito for a Zone Conference and we went to the house of Pres. Murphey.  It was honestly so fun. 

We talked about some stuff, but something that stuck out to me was something Hna. Murphey said.  She was talking about how missionaries think that Mission Presidents only want numbers and baptisms, but in reality, they just want these people to receive the greatest gift they can receive and that changed my entire aspect of the mission and my investigators.  Great day in Quito though.  We played some games and talked.  It was awesome.

Wednesday. Today was not the most eventful day, to be honest.  We went and taught some investigators, got Fam Madruñero ready for their baptism, and answered all of their doubts.

Thursday.  Today was kind of the same.  We had a really good lesson with one of our investigators, Andres.  He's really cool.  He had cancer when he was a kid, so we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  He loved it  and wants to be baptized.  He just works a lot, so were trying to help him be able to come to church.

Friday.  Today I went on an Interchange with Elder Vega (he's from my group, from California) and it was so cool.  I got to meet all of their investigators and they were so cool. That's the best part about going on interchanges.  You get to see all of these amazing people that are trying so hard to change their life.  And even better, I get to be a little part of it. 

Saturday.  Today was the baptism of Fam Madruñero and it was so amazing--one of the coolest things I've been part of. I got to baptize the mom and the cool part about it is, is that she was born on the same day and year of my mom (love you, Mom.)  But Christian was baptized before I got here, so he got to baptize his little brothers.  He's planning on going on a mission when he turns 18.  Ahhh!  I love them so much.

Sunday.  We got to contact forever today, so that was really fun.  But we got to teach Nancy again and she brought more of her family over, and it was so cool.  They are all so interested now.  We're working really hard with them so that they can have the "best gift on the planet."

Love, Elder Copeland

(Elder Copeland stated:   "A hoarder's house just made of things he found on the street.  And his 100 dogs chained to it.")

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Week 20 - December 11, 2017

Boom Boss

Tuesday.  Today was an awesome day.  I got to meet an investigator that has been wanting to talk with us for awhile because her husband just passed away.  She was so happy to see us.  She is doing a lot better now, but it was nice to be able to see her change her perspective on life with the Plan of Salvation, which was such a blessing.

Wednesday.  Wow, what a day today was!  We received a reference from a guy that lives about an hour away, and he told us that he wanted to talk to us.  So we went to go see him and we got to the spot.  It was in the middle of no where. We couldn't find him or contact him, so we said a quick prayer and we called him one more time and he answered. We got to teach his family and everything.  He's had a really hard life, and he loved us.  He told us that God sent us to change his life, so he took photos with us and filmed our lesson with him so he can show his other daughter.  He did come to church and bore his testimony on his one lesson that he had with us. His name is Edison.

Thursday.  Today I went to a different sector with Elder Flores, and it was pretty fun getting to know more of their investigators.

Friday. Today we didn't do too much.  We contacted and found some new investigators that were actually really cool. I'm excited to go with them again.

Saturday.  BOOOM.  First part of the day we went to a giant park we have here in Cayambe.  One of the Elders dressed up as Santa, and we contacted everyone.  It was so fun. 

After, we got everything ready for the baptism.  We baptized Diego (22) Jose David (14) and Mateo (10).  The dad went inactive a while back and really wanted to come back to church--same with his kids. The baptism was so amazing.  It is always the best feeling ever seeing people change their lives.
Fam Trujillo

The Trujillos are all the coolest people ever.  They're like my best friends.  We went fishing with them for P-day. 

The view of the fishing area.

Sunday.  Was a crazy day.  We had a lot of people come to church and also visited a lot of others.  Honestly, just a crazy day, especially because it was raining and lightning the whole time, but we found some amazing people today.

Love, Elder Copeland

 The pictures below show some of the interesting animals the Elders meet up with as they travel throughout their areas!
 A pig with Elder Flores

 A cow licking Elder Copeland

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Week 19 - December 4 2017


Tuesday.  Today we started off going to visit some references that we got from the missionaries, and they were so cool.  They started reading the Book of Mormon right after the visit, and they came to church, so I'm excited for them. Also, we visited some more of our investigators, and I got to meet them.  They were so cool.

Wednesday.  So in Cayambe, we are so far away from everything so it takes forever to get place to place, but it's honestly the coolest place ever.  We went and taught a young couple that was about an hour away on bus and 15 mins. walking on a dirt road, but it was worth it.  They drove down from their house which is on a mountain on their motorcycle just to listen to us, and they loved it. Their names are Juan and Maria.  They're so cool

Thursday.  Today was a frustrating day.  We contacted the whole day and didn't find too much, but we did teach one of our families that has a baptismal date, which I'm excited about.  They're are so cool.  The little kids are always talking about how they want to go on a mission

Friday.  Today we had to go far away and teach another family, and they loved it, too.  The other family that we taught today are getting baptized this week, and they are so ready. They are honestly so cool.  We're going paint balling with them next Monday.  I'm so excited for their baptism this week.

Saturday.  Today we had the interviews for Fam Truijillo and they all passed. Afterwards, we went to a member's house and cooked some tacos, which was so fun.  They don't know how to cook tacos, so they just asked me and they were soo good.  Wow!  I miss food!  Then we taught Juan and Maria again and they accepted the baptismal Invitation, which was awesome.

Sunday.  So here there are not a lot of members and the chapel is so so so small.  It's weird.  So we got put in charge of teaching 2nd and 3rd hour, which was kind of frustrating and stressful.  After, we went to an investigator's house and she lives literally on top of the mountain.  It was so beautiful, to be honest.  They survive off their farms pretty much.  They have 30 cuye (guinea Pig) waiting to be eaten, and we taught their family after, which was awesome.  Love, Elder Copeland

 View from Pitna Alta

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Week 18 - November 27, 2017

Chao, Pisuli and Roldos!

Tuesday. Today we got up really early and taught one of our investigators, Rosita, and she loved the Plan of Salvation lesson.  She wants us to teach her family now.  We, also, taught this new family that has been struggling, and they want us to come come back, which was awesome.

Wednesday.  Today we had verifications with our whole group in Quito.  I got to see all of the buddies from the MTC, which was awesome, and it was such a good learning experience.  President taught us so much. 

Thursday.  THANKSGIVING!  Yeah, they don't celebrate that here haha.  But we had some really good lessons and a lot of the people are getting close to knowing the importance of the Gospel.  It would help if they went to Church, but they just don't really understand.  But the people are so amazing here.

Friday.  Today I went on an Inter-Cambio with Elder Harrison in the other district with was fun.  But every one cancelled on us, and we just walked around looking for them.

Saturday.  Today all of our lessons that we had planned didn't work out, but for some reason we were just knocking doors and people were accepting us, and it was so amazing. We, also, challenged ourselves to talk to every single person that we can, and it helped us so much.  We found so many guys.

Sunday.  Well, as you can tell, it was the end of transfers and training (Mom, I'm a missionary now!) and I'm leaving Elder Ayuso and Pisuli and Roldos.  

And, honestly, today we just went around saying bye to people and it was honestly so hard.  I can't believe how these people changed my life in my short three months that I was with them.  I'm going to miss this sector so much and all of the people in it. And now I'm in Cayambe and I'm so excited.  It's in between Quito and Otavlo, and I'm so excited to be here.  My new companion is Elder Millet from Seattle.  He's such a cool guy.

Here are some photos of some of the people that changed my life forever.  Love, Elder Copeland

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 17 - November 20, 2017

One more week of training!

This week, honestly, was pretty uneventful, but it's all good. This next week is Thanksgiving, and I wanted to say that I'm grateful for all of you and all of the things you have done for me.
Tuesday.  Today was a pretty good day.  We got some good work done.  We have a investigator that we taught today that loves everything about our gospel, but she has a lot of problems at home.  But, we taught her about prophets and she loved the lesson and wants to keep learning more every day.

Wednesday.  We were contacting all day and got the door slammed in our faces for three hours straight hahah, but it's honestly funny how the people react here.  But, we did end the day finding one person which paid off for us which made me so happy.  We also taught Angel and Ximena, and they're getting really close to baptism.  They just won't get married. So frustrating.

Thursday.  Today we got up really early to go teach a future investigator, and it was so good.  She's really Catholic, but she was really interested in our message.  She wants us to come back and teach her again and help her kids in English, which is always really fun. 

Friday. Today we had a lesson that was honestly so cool. We have been teaching this guy, and we finally got to teach his wife and his family.  It was so good.  They loved the message and want to keep learning more.  I'm really excited for them.  They are so cool!

Saturday.  Honestly. not much happened today.  We contacted all day and only found one, and he thought that Joseph Smith saw aliens hahah, but we explained it better to him.  Afterwards, we taught Angel and Ximena again.

Sunday. I gave my first talk in Spanish today, which was such a cool experience.  I don't know how well I did, to be honest, but I felt pretty good haah.

Today, we went paintballing which was fun.  Here's two pictures of Elder Cave and I.

And our Christmas tree.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Week 16 - November 13, 2017

Hola, Familia,

Tuesday.  Today, honestly, was really hard for us.  We have had two investigators that were progressing really well, and one of them hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon for weeks, and it is so hard to find her.  I think that she'll be okay. She has just needed a lot of money.  And our other investigator, Alejandra, loves our message and her family is the best, but she told us that she only wants to be a Catholic because her family is Catholic, so that was pretty sad for us.

Wednesday.  Today Elder Choque left on an emergency transfer, which was pretty sad.  He was awesome, to be honest.  But Elder Warner came who went to LONE PEAK, also, so we have all of the Lone Peak missionaries in Ofelia, which is awesome.  Today we were contacting and we found a really cool investigator who is in the Army, and he loved every second of our message.  He was begging us to come back when he gets back from his work trip.

Thursday.  We did some service today with some members. Ahhah, it was so tiring, but pretty fun.  After, we had a good lesson with Victor again.  He loves everything, just won't come to church.  I don't know why.  Also, we had a great lesson with Angel and Ximena, and they're doing so much better, which makes me so happy.  Also, I ate chicken feet and pig kkin and it was awful ahahah. 

Friday.  Today we had a really cool experience.  We knocked no more then 10 doors and 4 people listened to us, which is incredible.  But one of them told us that she didn't need the Book of Mormon in her life cause she has the Bible.  We showed her some scriptures about the Book of Mormon in the Bible, and she just didn't really care.  And after we told her that she could be with her loved ones forever, and she stopped talking and told us that we had to teach her more. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and that she can be with her brother and mom again with this plan.  She was crying the whole time.  It was so cool and such a good experience for me knowing that people don't have the peace the Plan of Salvation can give them in their life.

Saturday.  Not too much happened today.  We finally got to teach Digna today, and she's doing a lot better now and is progressing.  We, also, helped her move, which was pretty fun.  And we read some scriptures with Angel and Ximena, which was good and talked to them about their family. Ximena told us that she wants her daughter to serve a mission, which got me really excited. 

Sunday.  We had nobody show up to church, which was awful and so sad, but it's all good.  And we were reading a chapter with Victor during a lesson, and he can't read well, so we read to him.  We were reading and we looked up from our scriptures and he was out fully sleeping.  We woke him up and he had no idea what was going on.  Hahah it was so funny.

Today, we went to the middle of the world, so I got some pictures of that.  Also, a photo with the Lone Peakers in the middle of the world.

Also a photo with Darth Vader​

 Elder Copeland

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 15 - November 6, 2017

Whats up, Fam!!  Great week here in Ecuador!

Tuesday.  HALLOWEEN, but it's not celebrated here haha.  It was pretty weird not seeing little kids run around the streets, but it was still a good day.  We had interviews with Pres Murphy, and they were so good.  He is such a good man.  After, we had some great lessons with some of our investigators, and we got to see one investigator that we haven't seen in forever.  It was so awesome to see her again.

Wednesday.  Today I went on an intercambio with Elder Choque, and he knows no English, so this was like the first day in the mission were I couldn't speak English at all the whole day, which went better then I thought.  We taught some great lessons and some of the members here expect the missionaries to do everything haha.  One member's kid ran away and she wanted us to go and find him.  We just told her we couldn't help her, and she got mad at us ahahahl.

Thursday.  We witnessed a fight today!  This girl was passed out on the ground and all of these Black people were trying to punch the cop, but he just left.  The police here do very little! We went to Angel and Ximena's house and Angel wasn't there because he was drinking.  Ximena was so sad and she told us that she doesn't want to marry him.  It was so sad to hear that from her, and it made us so sad because he was doing so well.

Friday.  Today we were in Quito the whole day for a Zone Conference with Elder Fallebela, and it was so good.  He has a program for missionaries to receive more references and some other stuff that I loved so much.  I, also, got to see Elder Harris, McClesse, and Johnson, which was so awesome.  We ended receiving 90 references from the program, which was soo nice for us.

Saturday.  Was such a good day today.  We found a really cool nuevo investagator.  But to end the day, we went to Angel and Ximena's house and both of them were there and Ximena was telling him that she wanted to live alone and Angel was so sad.  He was crying the whole time, and it was so sad for me because they're like a family to me.  Angel told us that he wants to change and that he wants to go through the temple.  We told him this is his last chance.  So I told him that if he lived a perfect month of the gospel, reading every day, coming to church every week, he would not want to drink anymore and his family life would get better.  He told us that he wants this so badly.  It was such a cool experience for me, and I know that they can do all of this stuff and that they know the church is true.  They are so closeeee ahhh.

Sunday.  Angel and Ximena came to church with their whole family, which was awesome.  We had so many good lessons today.  We found two new Neuvos, and they both loved our message and asked us to come back soon (doesn't happen very often).  We have this investigator that has met with the missionaries before but had lots of doubts, so he asked us, and the Book of Mormon had every single answer.  He told us that he really wants to read it now, which was cool.  

And after we went to Angel and Ximena's house.  They were so happy today, and the Spirit was so strong.  We showed them the "Hope of God's Light" video and they loved it.

(Click on the link above to see this fantastic video for yourself.  Interesting fact:  Elder Copeland's dad played on the same basketball team as this young man did in high school.)

Great week here.  Love and miss you all so MUCH!

Elder Copeland