Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Missionary Report in Sacrament Meeting - July 14, 2019

On July 14, 2019, Kade was able to report his mission in Sacrament Meeting in the Mountainville 5th Ward in Alpine, Utah.  He spoke from his heart about how the Book of Mormon has helped him in his life, as well as those he served in the Ecuador Quito North Mission.  Many family and friends attended the meeting and spent time together at his home after the meeting.

All six of the oldest Copeland grandsons who have returned from their two-year missions.
Adding in their grandparents, makes eight returned missionaries!
Connor put a little flag beneath each missionary of where they served:  Bracken, Australia-Chinese speaking; Parker, Philadelphia, Pennyslvania; Connor, Nicaragua; Taylor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Spanish speaking; Gma Laura and Gpa George, Europe Area Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and Europe-East Area Headquarters in Moscow, Russia; Carter, Scotland-Ireland; Kade, Ecuador

 Kade with his two sets of grandparents--Copeland and Johns

 In the evening, we celebrated little Otteson who just recently turned one year old.

 As the sun was setting over the mountains, we all agreed it was the end of a perfect day!
 We were all so grateful for the wonderful mission Kade served and for his safe arrival home.  
 Kade's mission has truly brought him so many wonderful friendships from the Ecuador people, as well as other missionaries he served with.
 But most of all, he has drawn closer to his Savior, a stronger testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon, and developed a love for serving that will forever be important in this life and the life to come.

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